2016 Merijoyce Hans Ceremony.jpg

My wife and I had our wedding in Maui and we were able to secure Joe's services. We could not be more happy and thankful. He was very cooperative, organized and detailed, trying to get the complete feel of our wedding, down to what attire he would be wearing and asking for the phonetic spelling of our entire wedding party. He made sure we got exactly what we wanted. We gave him most of the creative control during the cocktail hour and during the dance portion and he did an awesome job keeping the flow and playing songs that catered to the older crowd, the younger group, 80s lovers, etc. With him, you can be assured that the music portion of your wedding will go smoothly, so it is one thing you won't need to stress about. As an MC, he did a great job making announcements and keeping to our schedule, as difficult as it was. He also made many suggestions and ideas that worked better than what we originally planned for, most notably during the garter toss segment that most of our guests really enjoyed and went crazy over. Also, he went above and beyond by agreeing to fly out to Maui for us, which I believe was his first non-local event. So if you're thinking of having a destination wedding, we would definitely recommend him. You will need to arranged transportation costs, but it was definitely worth it. Thank you so much Joe for coming out to Maui, doing what you do best, and helping us have the wedding of our dreams become a reality.

- Hans, Groom (Maui, Hawaii Wedding)