The Big Moment’s Here, Then This Happens…

Imagine this.

The most important person in the room wants to make a huge announcement. Then right as they pick up the microphone… the speaker cuts off. They end up projecting their voice, brushing it off, and moving on with the event. Strike one.

Now it’s time to congratulate your people for their hard work and accomplishments. Then, with doubt in his voice, the DJ completely butchers half the names. Strike two.

Its barely the middle of the event, no one likes the music, the DJ looks sloppy, and everyone’s thinking… who hired this guy? Strike three.

An inexperienced and unskilled DJ, will cause just that. But the thing is, they leave and still get paid, while you’re stuck with the blame for a ruined the event. It sucks, but it’s not your fault!

Chances are, unless you’re big into music, you’re just trying to organize a fun event for everyone! Choosing the wrong DJ makes you look bad and stresses you out more than it’s worth.

To impress everyone there and get the credit, choose a high caliber DJ for your high caliber event.

The Difference.

A “Run of the Mill” DJ

✖️ Everyone Ends Up Bored. Awkward and cheesy DJs with low energy can’t read crowds.Their poor (or non-existent) transitioning and song mixing kills the mood. Might as well let your little cousin do it!

✖️ “Gives You a Bad Rep. A messy DJ obnoxiously blasting cheesy music leaves you with a poor reputation. Plus, speakers failing during your most important moment does not look good for you or your brand.

✖️ Ruined Event & You’re At Risk. Your special celebration shouldn’t be a DJ’s practice event. Don’t risk all your careful planning and investment going down the drain because it’s their 2nd time at a real event.

✖️ A Bad Experience. They don’t care. About how they make you look, about what they do, or how your event turns out. And why would they?

Experience Pro (Actual DJ)

✔️ The Party Everyone Keeps Raving About. A DJ who commands the crowd with finesse knows exactly how to create the fun, dance party everyone will thank you for.

✔️ Makes you look good. With an epic set-up presentation, we engage the crowd with positive energy. A pro knows how to handle silence, control the volume, and impressively mix music to ensure everyone has a blast.

✔️Unforgettable moments. People only have fun and amazing memories when they think back to the event. You’ve worked hard to make it awesome. Don’t leave the vibes, moments, and memories to chance.

✔️Ease of mind. We care. About all your effort, your reputation, and your event. We listen to what you want and enjoy working with our clients!

2016 Acorns Company Holiday Party @Hotel Irvine

2016 Acorns Company Holiday Party @Hotel Irvine

2016 Anaheim Packing House

2016 Anaheim Packing House


Corporate Events:

Whether it is a holiday party or an annual recognition for your company, DJ MOJOE understands that you want to best reflect your company's image. DJ MOJOE will meet up with you to discuss appropriate music tastes that are best suited for your audience. Also, he will coordinate with you for any speeches or special activities you would like for your event.

School Events:

What a fun way to enjoy a party than by being with close friends from school. This is a special time when long-lasting memories are made and shared with others. DJ MOJOE keeps up with the latest trends in music to keep the dancefloor happy all night long, and has the ability to mix clean versions of tracks as well for censorship.


This is your birthday, your show. During his one-on-one with you, DJ MOJOE works to understand your music taste and takes the time to work on your custom playlist. With his music library covering multi-generations, he is sure to satisfy your ear buds and the ear buds of your guests.

Private Events/Special Events:

DJing private/special events is nothing new to DJ MOJOE. One of his strengths is his flexibility to perform in multiple event environments. Whether it is a fashion show, auto show, convention, or a grand opening of a store, he has the ability to entertain the crowd while representing the business as a professional.




for availability, please see DJ MOJOE’s booking calendar below.