The best bar none! Music selection + emcee performance is top caliber. Referred by friends, my daughters chose DJMJ for their weddings. DJMoJoe has an incredible personality, very professional, well-dressed, positive, fun and proactive. The guy is a star in our eyes.

Excellence in action. Over delivers and undercharges. Blew us all away! Had great feedback from guests and the driving force of the reception. He plans well and intelligent.

Seasoned veteran and well prepared. Multi-genre music, original mixes and amazing DJ technique. He planned with my daughters ahead of time, customized music and emcee’d to their needs even arriving really early. He made sure names were pronounced correctly and added personal touches.

It’s rare to find a DJ who knows music so well and has commanding emcee skills. No obnoxious DJ voice and limited music selection. The best part is he brought Earth Wind and Fire (my fav) and dedicated it to me. Meant a lot.

DJMJ is priceless and an assured success to any event. Gem of a person and professional DJ. Thank you DJMoJoe. You made a father proud. You’re a permanent part of our awesome memories and family now. See you at the next one. 10 Stars!!!!
— M D. | Los Angeles | 5-Star Yelp Review