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This video covers some differences and similarities of the RCF EVOX 8 and the RCF EVOX 12 speakers and we did a sound comparison between the two.





In this video, I met up with Charlie (http://www.audioshaman.com) to compare our speakers. I brought my EVOX 8 and he used his EVOX 12. We show you the differences in build and how it sounds.

In our sound test, we set up the microphone to be 13 feet away and used the same track for both speakers at the same volume. Obviously, this won't be the most accurate representation of the speaker sound, but you may hear the difference between the two.

EVOX 8 is more compact, everything can be transported in 1 case, has a punchier bass than the EVOX 12, has amazing clarity. It does not have a handle to wheel it around compared to the EVOX 12. It's also sold in white but to select dealers and hard to find.

(Watch video 5 Reasons Why I Chose the EVOX 8: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lx5fhit--nI)

EVOX 12 is a bit bigger than the EVOX 8 but has 2 extra handles on the sides for easier carry. You would need to transport the tops and poles separately from the main speaker. It does come with a handle to wheel it around easily. The max speaker pole configuration is higher than the EVOX 8. The top of the EVOX 12 is bigger than the EVOX 8 as well. The sound is much fuller with a bigger sound and deeper bass than the EVOX 8 all while maintaining great clarity. Is not sold in white.

EVOX 8 Specs & Features:

- 1,400 Watts Peak.

- 128 dB max SPL.

- 40 Hz - 20 kHz frequency response.

- 12" Woofer, 2.5" v.c.

- 8 x 2" Ultra compact full-range, 1.0 v.c.

- 120° x 30° slightly tilted pattern control.

- Innovative DSP processing.

- Pole mountable, easy set-up and transportation.

EVOX 12 Specs & Features:

- 1400 Watt.

- 130 dB max SPL.

- 40 Hz 20 kHz frequency response.

- 15" Woofer.

- 8 x 4" neodymium full-range woofer.

- 90° x 30° slightly tilted pattern control.

- Innovative DSP processing.

- Pole mountable, easy set-up and transportation.

More info on the RCF EVOX Series:


If you have any questions or thoughts, please let us know in the comments section down below. If you're an RCF fan like me, definitely reach out!

Hope this video has been helpful if you're looking to purchase any of these speakers or just want to get an idea of what they are.

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