SHURE Wireless handheld MICROPHONE with mic stand

  • Shure GLXD24/SM58 - Click here to learn more about this microphone
  • Why?
    • Amazing clarity
    • No dropouts
    • Custom elegant gold grill
  • What's its purpose?
    • To be used for the officiant and/or the bride and groom so everybody can hear their voices
    • Will be on a mic stand so the officiant will be hands-free
  • Tip
    • When you're about to repeat your officiant's words or about to give your vows, have your officiant hold the microphone in front of you so you can be heard

Shure wireless lavalier microphone

  • Shure GLXD14/85 - Click here to learn more about this microphone
  • Why?
    • Low-profile
    • Amazing sound
    • Simple to use
  • What's its purpose?
    • To have your officiant be hand-free as he/she speaks
      • The alternative is to have a wireless handheld mic on a mic stand

Professional loudspeaker

  • QSC K8 - Click here to learn more about this speaker
  • Why?
    • Amazing sound
    • Wide sound coverage
    • Small yet powerful
  • What's its purpose?
    • To push out sound so all of your guests can hear the music and your voices

Ceremony & Cocktail Music

This covers music when your guests arrive (prelude), the ceremony itself (processional), and the joyous cheer right after your officiant announces you with your new names (recessional). Shortly after, there will be cocktail hour music for your guests to listen to while enjoying cocktails and appetizers. Music selections can be shared with me through my online planning form and Spotify.