“Do I really need a great DJ for my wedding?
I mean, what’s the difference?”

Are you tired of DJs…

  • not “reading” the crowd

  • playing “cheesy” music

  • Blasting speakers obnoxiously loud

  • Not knowing how to handle silence

  • not transitioning and mixing songs

  • having a messy appearance

  • Having low energy & Low stage presence

  • not caring about what they do

  • being awkward and ruining the flow

and as a result…

  • no one had fun

  • a cringeworthy experience is tied to your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day

  • all your careful planning and investment went down the drain

Sad Face.png

What if I tell you, there’s a dj out there…

  • who commands the crowd with finesse

  • who creates a fun, dance party

  • who controls the volume in the room

  • who handles the silences & breaks

  • who actually is a DJ and Mixes

  • who cares about setup presentation

  • who engages the crowd with positive energy

  • who enjoys working with his clients

  • who listens to what you want

and as a result…

  • everyone had a blast!

  • Friends & family keep talking about your wedding day!

  • Fun & Amazing times are only treasured when you think back to your wedding day


Why is this important?

You’re hosting an event for your friends and family.
Wouldn’t you want them to have an amazing time?

You’re investing your time & MONEY to make your wedding special.
Wouldn’t you want to make it all worth it?

Would you rather save money on entertainment or
save any embarrassment and regret at your wedding?

Most importantly, don’t you want to have a
fun start in life together with your new spouse?

What can you do about it?
Hire a great DJ!

a great dj will
save your frustrations & Headaches,
so that you can simply
enjoy your wedding!

Introducing DJ MOJOE

His Mission —
Saving the city, one party at a time

With great skill comes great responsibility

— Performed 111 Weddings from 2017-2018 —

— Preferred vendor at 10 wedding venues —

full-time dj/MC since august 2015 —

— already booked 45 weddings in 2019! —

Who is DJ MOJOE?


DJ MOJOE is an artist and entertainer that exudes professionalism and class while behind the decks. Raised under the California sun, his reputation as one of the most versatile and courteous DJs in Los Angeles precedes him, performing at anything from weddings to some of the most exclusive parties around Southern California. It’s safe to say this is a DJ that likes to cover all bases.

With a smooth approach to the sound he delivers, DJ MOJOE has more than seven years of experience which can be heard throughout his sets. Not only does he love to play Top 40 and Hip Hop, he adapts his music to the vibe and energy of the crowd in front of him to keep them moving and grooving. Playing a refreshing mix of anything from 50s hits to the most current EDM releases, this is a performer that knows how to get people off their seats and on to the dance floor.

Behind the scenes

DJ MOJOE is influencing and building up the Event and DJ Industry through his social media presence. He seeks to educate other DJs and event professionals on new ways and practices to create better experiences for them and their clients.

Lock-in DJ MOJOE Before It’s Too Late!

What can you expect from DJ MOJOE?

"You know when you're in love when you can't fall asleep
because reality is finally better than your dreams" - Dr. Seuss


After the proposal, to the moments building up right before the wedding day, is planning, planning, and more planning. As special as a wedding is, it is also a day that requires planning, organizing, timing and problem solving to make your day a success. DJ MOJOE will help facilitate this process for you to help make your special day run smoothly. He sends you his online planning form, connects with your vendor team, and finalizes any last details to make your wedding just the way you want.


A ceremony is a sacred moment in your life that holds the promise of a new future. Allow these sacred moments to go uninterrupted with a quality sound system and DJ MOJOE controlling the sound and music of the ceremony. DJ MOJOE will go over the ceremony music list with you ahead of time in order to play the right tune at the right time.


Have a fantastic mix of songs for your guests to enjoy while enjoying cocktails and appetizers during your cocktail hour. DJ MOJOE's iPod will be filled with music you have requested. And his iPod app will mix the songs for a continuous blend of ear pleasing music.


This is the special moment to celebrate with all your friends, family and loved ones! By having DJ MOJOE, you are setting yourself up for the best experience you have had throwing an event! He knows how to coordinate your event while choosing the right songs to play and keeping your dance floor moving. Timeline coordination, song selection, an exciting grand entrance, a smooth successful event and so much more are all part of this service.

DJ MoJoe - Steph Fowler 1.jpg
2015 Shutters on the Beach Wedding Ceremony in Santa Monica, CA

2015 Shutters on the Beach Wedding Ceremony in Santa Monica, CA

2016 Maui, Hawaii Destination Wedding DJ

2016 Maui, Hawaii Destination Wedding DJ

2016 Corbin Bleu & Sasha Clements Wedding @Hummingbird Nest Ranch

2016 Corbin Bleu & Sasha Clements Wedding @Hummingbird Nest Ranch

Why choose DJ MOJOE?


It's All About You. DJ MOJOE requires a consultation with you to understand your needs and desires so he can deliver. Upon booking, DJ MOJOE guides you every step of the way to ensure your event is a success.


Your Special Event Only Happens Once. Hire a DJ you trust that can handle the intricate details and needs of your event. DJ MOJOE has gained the trust and notable attention from many past clients throughout Southern California.


Every Party Deserves A Good DJ, Or Even Better, A Great One. DJ MOJOE has proven his talent in the musical art of DJing. Let him rock your crowd the way music is meant to be played.

What are DJ MOJOE’s results?

An  INTIMATE  Wedding


A  FUN  Wedding

A FUN Wedding



What do people say about DJ MOJOE?


Want to book DJ MOJOE?
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What are DJ MOJOE’s awards & recognition?

- Winner of WeddingWire's Couple's Choice Awards 2 Years in a Row! -
- Scratch DJ Academy Graduate! -
- Best of Thumbtack -



Want to see some of DJ MOJOE’s past weddings?

DJ MOJOE has had the pleasure to work with some of the
best videographers in the wedding industry.

Here are some videos capturing some highlights.

2016.03.14 Destination Wedding in Maui, Hawaii
Video by Seeking Films

2018.06.22 Incredible Wedding Celebration at Hummingbird Nest Ranch, CA
Video by Diego Stuart Films

2016.12.31 Wedding/NYE at the InterContinental Hotel in Century City, CA
Video by AndHer Visuals

dj mojoe also vlogs at his events to show his clients
behind-the-scenes of what he does
To make it an unforgettable, fun experience.

you can watch his youtube channel, by clicking here
or watch some of his videos below.

2018.09.27 Wedding at Twin Oaks House & Garden Estate in San Marcos, CA

2018.03.03 Wedding at Bel-Air Bay Club in Pacific Palisades, CA

2017.12.31 NYE / Wedding at Hyatt Regency in Westlake Village, CA - 350 People

How Does DJ MOJOE Mix?

DJ MOJOE Mixes smoothly blending one song to the next.

listen to some of his mixes below.

What are the next steps from here?


To determine your needs and how he can help you.
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2. Book MOJOE

To secure the date requires a signed contract and a 50% deposit.
All done online!

3. Prepare with mojoe

To personalize your wedding with his online planning form!
He will also share his Resource Center to help you plan your wedding.

4. Review with mojoe

To finalize details together as the wedding date approaches!

5. Have A BLAST with mojoe

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your special day with family and friends!


Let’s get your wedding started!
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Wedding FAQs

1. What are DJ MOJOE's rates?

Please book an appointment with DJ MOJOE for a consultation by clicking here.

2. My venue requires the DJ to be insured. Does DJ MOJOE carry insurance?

Yes, DJ MOJOE carries liability insurance with a coverage value of $1,000,000. If your event site requires a certificate of insurance, he will gladly provide one upon request.

3. Does DJ MOJOE also MC?

Yes, DJ MOJOE is also a professional MC to make any announcements, lead the evening's program, host games, and even hype the crowd! By taking both roles, he knows how to cohesively work the room and the dance floor.

4. I'm having a cultural wedding. Will DJ MOJOE be able to do it?

DJ MOJOE has performed at various cultural weddings with people of all backgrounds. He has successfully done Korean, Sri Lankan, Japanese, Brazilian, Jewish, Russian, Filipino, Latin, Ethiopian, Dominican Republican, Indian, Vietnamese, and Chinese weddings. He believes that a great DJ knows how to put on a party regardless of any language differences in music. DJ MOJOE will be happy to talk to you more about this.

5. I don't want my wedding to be cheesy. What's DJ MOJOE's style?

DJ MOJOE loves to have the music speak for itself, and at the same time, speak on the microphone enough to get the party up and going. His mixing style matches that of a club DJ, yet knows how to adjust it professionally in a wedding setting. He's also well adept in mixing the old school music with the new and knows how to adjust his style depending on the crowd in front of him.

6. Does DJ MOJOE have a backup plan in case his equipment breaks?

Fortunately, DJ MOJOE hasn't had any instance of his equipment breaking, but if it does, he knows how to troubleshoot and fix the problem. He only uses high-quality industry standard equipment at his events and tests everything out before the event starts to prevent such occurrence.

7. If DJ MOJOE is unable to make it to my wedding day, does he have a backup plan?

Fortunately, DJ MOJOE was able to make it 100% to all of his events. If there's any situation that may hinder him to perform, he will notify you right away. He's also associated with top, reliable DJ companies who can substitute for him, and DJ MOJOE will pass any planning information and music to them. As for DJ MOJOE, he eats healthy and works out to make sure he's in great condition to perform on your special day.

8. I'm having a destination wedding. Does DJ MOJOE travel?

Yes, he does! Please click here to learn more.

Do you have a destination wedding?

Love has no bounds!
DJ MOJOE will travel to your wedding
to make your dream come true.

Learn more below or setup a consultation with DJ MOJOE


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