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Where do I get my music?

In this video, I answered a question someone asked me via Snapchat "Where do I get my music?"

1. I primarily get my music from DJ pools online. 
Why? They keep me constantly updated with the newest, hottest and latest tracks. They have clean & dirty edits with 8-bar intros. They have club-friendly remixes and re-drums to add energy in a track. They have acapellas and loops for production. They have transition edits to help change BPM. 
How much? Ranges between $20-$40/month and depends on the DJ Pool. Some even offer a yearly rate which can help you save money in the long run. If you're new to a DJ pool, I recommend trying the first couple of months to see how you like it.

2. Amazon music. Why? Great selection of songs and comes in .mp3 file formats. If I don't find the song I want in any of the DJ Pools, I go to Amazon to purchase it. This situation happens commonly when a client asks for a specific song that I don't have, especially for their weddings.

Well this is how I get my music. How do you get yours? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!