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Tips for hiring a Wedding DJ that's best for you!


Tips for hiring a Wedding DJ that's best for you!

I had a great opportunity to be featured in to share some of my insights, knowledge, and tips to help couples find a Wedding DJ that's best for them. You can listen to the podcast and read some of the material which we talked about below.

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Thanks for stopping by and thank you Henry Chen from Aevitas Weddings for having me on your podcast!

"Saving the City, One Party at a Time"


DJ MOJOE loves the wedding industry and DJed his first wedding in 2011. While attending college, Joe DJed part-time and is completely self-taught. Along with his DJ experience, Joe has worked with a staffing company at various venues as well as doing catering. This has allowed hime to view weddings from both an entertainment and a catering perspective, understanding the various elements that contribute to the success of a wedding.

On the music side, Joe has performed at a variety of events and many different environments, from birthdays to bar mitzvahs, grand openings, and fashion shows; you name it, Joe has done it all. He has also expanded his services to DJ destination weddings, of which his first was located in Maui, Hawaii. This flexibility as a DJ really contributes to his success at weddings now because he is able to bridge the gap between the music, performance, and the customer service.

A glimpse at the behind-the-scenes preparation of a wedding DJ.

There is a lot more to being a DJ than just showing up and making music, especially in the wedding industry. There are many details to iron out behind-the-scenes when prepping for the wedding day. You have to get the correct names, a complete song list, as well as checking your software and equipment to make sure that everything is working properly and is reliable. There is nothing worse than having a mishap on the big day. You only have one shot, so you have to make it work.

The top question a bride and groom asks their wedding DJ.

One of the biggest concerns that couples have when it comes to the music for the wedding is that they do not want the “cheesy” wedding stuff. So their first question is often regarding the style of music the DJ plays. Joe is an open-format DJ who plays various styles, with a focus on specifically catering to the couple. He adapts his music to the style of music requested by the bride and groom, whether it is club hits or even throwbacks to a specific era.

Important criteria for couples to look for when hiring a wedding DJ.

The first question a bride and groom should ask their DJ is, “Are you insured?” Not a lot of DJs carry insurance and many venues will ask for it. This is to ensure that the DJ is covered in case of any accidents or emergencies. Having insurance also allows DJs to play at more venues, which is a critical piece of the puzzle.

The second criteria for couples to consider is to check if the DJ has been active recently. Some DJs may state that they have been DJing for many years, but how active are they right now in the wedding industry? It is important that your DJ is up to date with the current music and that they are on top of their game.

Understanding the importance of uniformity, having a DJ who can also take on the role of MC.

It is crucial to find a DJ that can do both the role of a DJ and an MC. This is very important because that person will know his or her style in terms of playing music and making announcements. This is also a cost-effective way to cover both roles within the wedding. It gives a uniformity, as one person is in charge of the reception events for the whole evening.

By having the DJ as your MC, your wedding will be more cohesive on the entertainment front, which will make it flow a lot smoother. This also eliminates missed communication between the two areas, and the transitions between music and announcements will be effortless without missing a cue. If you are not able to find a DJ who is also an MC, the next best option is to find two people who work together for the same company. This way the individuals know each other’s personalities, styles, and cues, creating an effective team.

The top reasons why DJ MOJOE loves being in the wedding industry.


For Joe, one of the reasons he loves being a wedding DJ is because he gets to witness people from all over the country and world come together in a room to celebrate the union of a couple and just to have a great time. As a DJ and MC you really get a chance to be a part of such a rewarding experience. Another aspect is creating a relationship with the bride and groom. During the process leading up to the wedding, you get to spend time getting to know the couple and hear all about their love story. Creating that moment for them on their special day, tying it all together with the music, is an incredibly fulfilling experience.

What are the challenges of being a wedding DJ in the industry today?

One of the things that Joe would love to see improved is the level of communication. Performing at a wedding requires teamwork and working alongside many vendors on that day. It is critical that everyone is on the same page going in. So in terms of communication, a lot of problems can be avoided the day of the wedding by addressing any concerns or problems beforehand. Whether it is through email or a phone call, communicating with each vendor would be helpful in determining what they need from you, or what the most important aspects of the day is to them.

This helps to avoid any conflicts in time and eliminates any unnecessary surprises on the day of the wedding. These vendors are in your industry and it is part of your job to build strong relationships with them to create an incredible team environment in order to make the bride and groom’s day come true.

Myths, misconceptions, and false assumptions about wedding DJs; what couples need to know.

Often times couples have the misconception and belief that DJs just like to play their own music. However, as a wedding DJ it is your job to actually play the music that the bride and groom want, while at the same time being able to use your knowledge and expertise to play what the crowd wants as well.

So it is not just about the DJ; it is about you, the couple. Nothing is wrong with the couple asking this question, but it is important for the DJ to provide clarification and set their minds at ease by addressing their concerns. Couples need to know that there are DJs out there who actually care about the music that you want for your wedding, and that is something all DJs should provide.

3 tips for couples when planning their wedding and finding the perfect wedding DJ.

The first tip for brides and grooms when planning their wedding is to choose vendors who have worked together in previous weddings. “Teamwork makes the dreamwork”. If you hire vendors who have worked together you know that they have a connection. They will have fun and they know how to navigate any challenges of working together. That energy will permeate into your wedding to make for an incredible time.

The second tip is to learn as much as you can about your DJ; ask, ask, ask. The entertainment aspect of a wedding is huge in terms of making your wedding day be smooth, successful, and fun. Ask your DJ for pictures, videos, reviews, and even ask for vendor referrals.

Tip number three is to find a DJ who is genuine and also cares about your wedding. Do not just settle for the DJ that rushes everything to show up, play music, and leave. A DJ who cares is the one who will put the most effort into your wedding, who will go the extra mile just find the perfect song for you on your wedding.

More about DJ MOJOE; saving the city, one party at a time.

Joe got his DJ name because he wanted his personality to be in the name. He loves puns and wanted to find a way to put his real name into his DJ name, hence MOJOE. Joe runs his business under the slogan “saving the city one party at a time” because when he first started DJing he received emails and phone calls from family and friends about how their DJ was not responding and how they were stuck with an event and no DJ.

They would call Joe the night before, with news that the original DJ canceled. Joe always stepped up to fill in the position. The DJ’s lack of professionalism really upset Joe, and he knew he had to make sure that no clients ever have to go through that stress again. He truly believes that this motivated him to save the party when no one else could do it.


Photo Credit: Aevitas Weddings

Photo Credit: Aevitas Weddings

Joe is an incredible guy and he has a huge willingness to help others. Everything from his demeanor, his personality, and his love for reaching out and connecting with others is to make sure that he not only serves his brides and grooms, but also the other vendors on the wedding day. DJ MOJOE’s always prioritizes his interest to get to know his couples early on, to ensure that the type of music he plays ties into their personality.

Finally, just his mindfulness of everything. Of course it is the bride and groom’s day, but it is important that all the guests have a great time, so he goes the extra mile to tailor the music to everyone’s taste. He is truly a DJ who cares about everyone involved in making wedding day dreams come to life.