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After reaching my 100th Event Log video, I decided to look back at my YouTube videos to see how much I've grown as a working, professional DJ.

I explain my DJ setup, my vlogging style and journey, people who have helped me along the way, new DJ gear that I purchased, video editing style, marketing strategies, growth of my YouTube channel, and some behind-the-scenes of my past events.

This is a story reflection to see how I developed over the years as DJ to become the DJ MOJOE who I am today.

I hope this video encourages and inspires all the DJs out there to keep hustling, learning, and putting yourself out there as a DJ. Keeping yourself accountable by taking videos of your performance will help you become better and you can portray the value that you bring to your clients.

Thank you all for being supportive of me and my channel. I plan to continue making more videos and give you all more value in the work that I bring. I don't just want your business to grow, but I want you to grow as a person. I want you to be successful as a DJ, enjoy what you do and make a good living out of it.

Thanks for watching this video and I hope you take something out of it. To stay connected, follow me on Instagram, drop me a message/comment, and let's help each other.


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