On April 27, 2019, I had the pleasure to DJ and host for Carla & Alain's wedding at the Imperial Palace Banquet Hall in Pasadena, CA. This video captures my DJ gear used, the venue's amazing lighting, and some fun highlights from their special day. #litwedding

This was my first time working at Imperial Palace Banquet Hall and was immediately impressed by the decor and lighting. This place is made for events as it already has lighting built-in to the walls and ceilings and has proper staging areas for the bride and groom and the DJ. I heard that the place was recently renovated and now it looks spectacular!

Today, I was just in charge of their cocktail and reception. For the cocktail hour, I just used my Bose S1 in the lobby and played some background music. For the reception, I used two RCF EVOX 8 speakers and 1 RCF 708asII subwoofer. I also used a wireless transmitter from my mixer to a wireless receiver for my 2nd EVOX 8 speaker to help me save time from running an extra cable. I also used white tape to clean up my cables and to help it blend onto the floor.

Before the grand entrance, we passed out the glow foam sticks for the guests to use when we welcome the people in. As I was announcing the people to come in, the person who was in charge of the lights used an iPad to control the lighting fixtures and made the lights go crazy! Besides the music and announcement, lighting definitely hyped up the entrance and made it feel like a club/concert! Such a fun time.

Then for the First Dance, the venue used a low-lying fog machine to create the dance in the clouds effect. From then on, we proceeded with dinner, pictures, toasts, money dance, and more. For the rest of the night, we got people up and dancing. I mixed in a mixture of Top 40, throwbacks, hip hop, and pop.

For the end of the night, they've chosen a Hawaiian song to close things up which reflects their fond memories and love of Hawaii. Everyone had a great time that evening and finished on a happy, feel-good note. Congrats Carla and Alain! Thank you for having me!

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VENUE: Imperial Palace Banquet Hall




PHOTO & VIDEO: White Studio Project


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