On May 10th, 2019, I DJed at the Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Coast for Heidi & Seth. This video captures some highlights from the wedding and shows you what's it's like to have a wedding at this 5-star luxury resort.

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The Resort at Pelican Hill is a luxury summer getaway with Italian inspired architecture and Pacific Ocean views. This was a perfect place for Heidi and Seth to get married with their closest friends and family. This day, I worked on behalf of VOX DJs, to bring Heidi and Seth's wedding vision come to life.

For the ceremony, it took place at the rotunda behind the resort which overlooks the Pacific Ocean. They had a harpist playing and after witnessing the beautiful ceremony, they even released some white doves to seal the deal.

The cocktail hour took place right below the La Capella room on the outdoor patio. I provided a simple speaker setup using my Bose S1 to play some background music as guests enjoy hors d'oeuvres and drinks.

Inside the La Capella room, we had a full, elegant setup. Most of the details, or if not, all of the details were planned out by the bride! She had a great taste in design in building such an intimate atmosphere for all of them to enjoy the time with their guests. I had a simple setup on the far side of the room using my 2 RCF EVOX 8 speakers, a Shure QLXD/SM58 microphone, and my Pioneer DDJ-SX2. I normally bring my dance lights and uplights to set the party mood, but since this was through another company, I didn't have to. Most of the time, people were enjoying some great food and company while listening to some chill music in the background. We started dancing later in the evening and they were having so much fun, that they decided to extend me for an extra hour!

Overall, it was a beautiful experience to be a part of Heidi and Seth's wedding at the Pelican Hill Resort as their wedding DJ. Congrats Heidi and Seth!


Venue: https://www.pelicanhill.com

Planner: https://eventsbypurelavish.com


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