This video captures some fun highlights from Jenn and Joel's wedding at The Fig House in Los Angeles. I also cover my unique DJ sound setup to enhance the guests' experience.

Event Log #106 | The Fig House | Los Angeles | Wedding DJ

Joel x Jenn

On May 25, 2019, I had the pleasure to DJ for Jenn and Joel's wedding at the Fig House in LA. This venue is a hidden gem and has that lush, hip LA vibe to it. The ceremony was held outdoors with tall, green hedges to block off the sound and to help guests visually escape the city surroundings. For the ceremony, I provided a simple QSC K8.2 speaker to provide a microphone for the officiant and a microphone for the pianist to amplify the sound. Joel is a talented pianist and it was great to see how they hired a professional pianist to play the music for their ceremony.

Shortly after, guests enjoyed the cocktail hour and I played a mixture of music for guests to enjoy outside and inside.

For my reception setup, I was set in the back corner of the room near the sweetheart table. I used my white facade to clean up the look so at least my booth will be more presentable in pictures. As for sound reinforcement, the room was elongated, and I knew that having 2 RCF EVOX 8 speakers weren't enough. To provide a side/backfill sound for the guests, I also provided 2 Bose S1 speakers on Gravity Stands to help carry the sound. By doing this, I don't need to blast the music so loud in front just for the people in the back can hear what's going on, especially when it comes down to speeches. After setting my sound like this, the room sounded more full and balanced without having to be so loud. In addition, when it came down to dancing, I just rotated my Bose S1 speakers towards the dance floor and that created an immersive, 360-degree sound experience for their guests when they dance to the music.

As for music selections, I played a mixture of 80s, 90s, 00s, and a few Top 40 hits. One of my favorite moments was mixing music during dinner. Everybody was feeling the jams and people were bobbing their heads and just enjoying the music. Even some were singing along, too! I think by mixing during the dinner, people can really enjoy the vibe that we're trying to achieve. Mixing music also warms the people up and in a way, builds up their trust with the DJ, me.

Jenn and Joel are music lovers and such a power couple together. It was an honor and pleasure to have been chosen to be a part of their special day. We set their wedding night and the start of their new lives together off right. Congrats Jenn and Joel!

Planner: @aquafuzion.michelle

Photobooth: @smilebooth

Photographer: @the_hendrys

Videographer: @peterascalon

Venue: @thefighouse

Catering: @roomforty



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Links to Gear Used in Video/Event:

- QSC K8.2:


- BOSE S1:

- Ultimate Stand Speaker Stand TS90B:

- Gravity Stand Speaker Stand:

- Speaker Stand Scrims Rockville:

- Yamaha MG06 Mixer :

- Mini Moving LED Wash Lights (AFFORDABLE):

- Donner Wireless DMX Dongles:

- SoundSwitch:

- APC Mini Midi Controller:

- Shure QLXD24/SM58 Handheld:

- Shure SM58 (BACKUP WIRED):

- Gator Mic Stand:

- Stage Ninja Clamp Mount (ATTACH TO CONTROLLER CASE):

- Novopro Facade:

- Black Gaffers Tape:

- Velcro Ties:

- Anti-Fatigue Mat: