On April 24, 2016, I DJed the wedding of Faiza and Kevin on behalf of One Up Entertainment. It was an intimate wedding of about 40-50 people and took place at the gorgeous Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica, California. I was the DJ and MC throughout the wedding and was in charge of the ceremony, cocktail and reception that evening. This was my first wedding that I played Somali and African music. However, challenging at first, the end result was amazing. I played a mixture of Somali, Latin/Spanish, Hip hop, Dancehall, and Top 40 music that got everybody on the dancefloor. I received many compliments that night and received some praise from the groom himself. This was an amazing wedding and happy to have witness all of it. In this video, you'll see why. Enjoy!

Hotel: http://www.thehuntleyhotel.com
One Up Entertainment: http://www.1upent.com
Music Beat: Maylay